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At Asante we cater for all skin types and preferences using both natural organic products and high performance based Cosmecueticals to achieve the desired results for our clients. At Asante we are strong believers in the power of touch – your facial treatment will include a divine journey of nurturing hands as creams, lotions and serums are actively infused. 

ENVIRON - A beautiful skin for a lifetime

Advanced Cosmecuetical based on Vitamin A, C & E. Environ's unique step-up system allows skin to become comfortable with increased levels of Vitamin A and other essential vitamins and antioxidants to guide the skin on its journey to a soft glowing appearance. Professional treatments and home care programes all contribute to Environ's philosophy. 

ENVIRON INDULGENCE Facial - 1hr 45min $195

  • Hydrating Environ vitamin A & C infusion facial, teamed with a cleansing back & foot exfoliation followed by a wonderfully relaxing heated stone massage of the back and feet - simply leaves you glowing! For those who deserve the best - making this the perfect gift voucher.

ENVIRON BORESHA Performance Facial - 75min $155

  • Intensive Environ facial using Advanced Vitamin Skin Therapy (AVST) creams containing Vitamin A, C, E and Beta Carotene plus antioxidants of three Teas - Green Tea, Honey bush Tea & Rooibos Tea. Specifically designed to treat photo-aged skin, rejuvenate cell DNA, repair and build collagen & elastin. Treatment includes a relaxing scalp & arm massage plus a hydrating hot towel foot masque and refining ritual.

ENVIRON SURA Deluxe Facial - 60min $130

  • Anti-aging & deep cleansing facial to purify & revitalize - hydrating & enriching Environ vitamin A, C & Beta Carotene infusion will nourish and balance the skin, leaving it radiating. Includes a relaxing scalp and arm massage.

(Environ products are available to purchase in-store)


Advanced anti-aging skin care from Europe. For those who want the best of both natural ingredients and high performance result formulas. For skin that needs to activate and strengthen its defences to prevent premature ageing utilising Vitamin C, Oxygen, Hyaluronic rehydration and strengthening Collagen treatments.

GDC 100% Pure COLLAGEN Facial - 75min $155

  • Targeting fine lines and wrinkles with a super intense hydrating and strengthening Mask. This treatment Includes a foot refine and foot massage plus a relaxing scalp and hand massage

GDC Signature DELUXE Facial - 60min $130

  • Super Intense hydrating anti-aging facial.  Includes - Deep cleanse and enzyme exfoliation - relaxing facial massage - Intense Hydration Mask - hot towelling removal and relaxing massage of the scalp, feet and hands.
  • or choose the crushed Rosepetal Skin zen mask or detox Fruit enzyme mask.

(Germaine De Capuccini products are available to purchase in-store)


These specialised salon treatments use a Medical grade Polyabrasion tool for a deeper exfoliation. A superior skin needling process called Micro Activation helps stimulate collagen growth, increasing skin elasticity, reduction of fine lines and overall improvement of skin texture.

Dermia Medilift Indulgence Facial - 75min $165

  • Glycolic Peel 
  • Poly Dermal Abrasion 
  • Micro Collagen Activation 
  • Hyalauronic or Collagen Infusion Mask  
  • Foot Pamper

Dermia Medilift FACIAL  - 60min $140

  • Peel + Poly Dermal Abrasion + Micro Collagen Activation


Introducing our new exclusive facial product range Africology. Designed to combat the two most damaging factors to the skin - aging and dehydration.

Africology offers a luxurious, natural and eco- friendly skincare range, fragranced only with pure essential oils. Therapeutic in it's approach, Africology only used all natural ingredients that are bio-identical to our biology; effectively enhancing the integrity of your skin whilst simultaneously preventing premature aging.

Asilah facial - 75min $155

Luxurious facial with hot stone serum infusion, balancing hot stone chakra placement & foot refine

  • Balancing Chakra warm stone placement
  • Deeply hydrating and enriching aromatherapy facial with warm stone serum infusion
  • Foot refine & massage

African Goddess Facial - $190

An antioxidant-enriched ritual designed to deeply hydrate, restore elasticity and stimulate cell growth

  • Back exfoliation and massage
  • Foot reflexology
  • Hydrating & antoxidant facial

(Africology available to purchase in-store)

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