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Naked Tan - Sunless Spray Tans (Original 2hr tan)


  We use Australia's Naked Tan which is Vegan-friendly and cruelty free. All solutions are made with a combination of natural tanning ingredients and contain no nanoparticles, no parabens, no SLS sulphates and no alcohol. The results give a rich, natural golden sunkissed glow, bases of green, ash and violet, ensuring there are no nasty orange overtones.

Naked Tan Spray Tan Cost:

$40    ($30 for regular weekly tanners)
$105    body exfoliation and Tan

choose from:

  • Ultra Dark 16% DHA - Violet base for up to 6 shades darker
  • Chocolate 15% DHA - Ash base for up to 5 shades darker
  • Luxe Rapid 14% DHA - 20min Rapid tan
  • Exotic 12% DHA - Green Base for up to 4 shades darker
  • Tanned 10% DHA - for Pale & light tones skin up to 3 shades darker
  • Natural 8% DHA - for Brides & fair toned skin up to 2 shades darker


Things to remember before your tanning session:

  • Exfoliate your body the day before
  • DO NOT wear deodorant 
  • DO NOT wear make up or jewellery on the day
  • If you hair is long please tie it up and back off your face.

Please bring or wear something dark in colour and comfortably loose to put on after your spray tanning session (we will provide you with disposable underwear).

Your spray tan has a processing time of between 2-5 hrs depending on the depth of colour you want to achieve, do not get your skin wet or sweat during this processing time.

Never sleep in your tan - It is imprtant to not exceed the recommended processing time as this can cause the solution to over-develop, leaving your skin with a orangey tinge - not what you want!

After your development time has elapsed you can shower the bronzer off using tepid water and NO SOAP. Dont panic if you see your tan wash off as this is normal as it is just the bronzer, your colour is still developing on your skin and will reach it's final colour in 12-24hrs.









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