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Our most popular, shorter, Sunshine Coast spa treatment packages.

Starting from a basic beauty therapy package, you can upgrade by adding superior elements. Body and facial products are chosen from Mukti, Germaine De Capuccini and Environ ranges. Indulge!

Most of our Massages and Spa treatments packages include a massage of the head and scalp.

For all treatments that include our Massai Tribal Head massage, we use Authentic Indian Amla Oil, which is a Gooseberry Seed oil extract. This delicious product is designed to be left in your hair to condition the scalp and hydrate the hair itself, so it will feel quite oily. The warmed Amla Oil will be drizzled over the hair and scalp and massaged in, so it is important not to have your hair tied up or in a tight hair style. Please leave  the Amla Oil in your hair for as long as possible before washing out with mild shampoo.

In treatments where we perform a Moroccan Head massage, we use an Organic Argan Oil mixed with Kakadu Plum extract. This product has a beautiful aroma and is lighter in texture and less oily, so it can be left in your hair for several days if you wish. When you come to your appointment, please  make sure you do not have your hair tied up in a tight hair style as this makes it impossible to perform  a relaxing head massage.

SOKOTO - 75min $155

Full body massage - Foot refine and buff - Hot towel foot wrap - Moroccan Head and Scalp Massage

Our signature Coolum massage with just a little bit extra to pamper

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ZULU WARRIOR  - 90min $200

Full Body Polish - Full Body Massage

One of our very popular mini treatments that will leave you feeling revived and regenerated - a pamper package when time is short.

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SABI  - 90min $200

Full Body Massage - Hydrating mini facial

An indulgent mini ritual package

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SAHARA - 90min $220

Full Body Hot Stone Massage - Mini hydrating facial

A great way to try one of our smaller hot stone ritual spa treatment packages - Pure luxury.

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AMUKA  - 2hrs  $235

Full Body Massage - Full Replenishing Facial - Foot Refine Ritual  - Moroccan Head Massage

Take the next step up by adding to your Coolum body massage, a full replenishing facial and relaxing pomegranate foot refining ritual. This massage and beauty treatment also includes a beautiful Moroccan Head massage.

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AMANI - 2hrs $245

Full Body Hot Stone Massage - Full Replenishing Facial with warm stone serum infusion - Foot Refine Ritual - Moroccan Head and scalp Massage

Similar to the Amuka but add beautiful heated stones for your full body massage. Bliss!

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MABWANA  - 2hrs $245

Full Body Hot Stone Massage - Kutu Amla Massai Tribal Head Ritual

Especially designed for what men want!. A heavenly smooth hot stone massage is followed by a foot soak and hot towel wrap. Warm Amla Gooseberry seed oil is then drizzled over your hair as you receive a de-stressing head massage and hot towel Turban wrap. Luxury!

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KASBAH - 2hrs $235

Body Polish - Full Body Massage - Mini Enriching facial - Moroccan Head and Scalp Massage

Start your beauty therapy treatment with a full body spice polish then relaxing full body essential oil massage - Finish with an  anti-aging enrichment mini facial and Moroccan Oil head massage. A refreshing and relaxing pamper treatment your total body will absolutely love!

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AZURI essence - 2hrs $240

Body Polish - Essence Bath & Meze Plate - Full Body Therapeutic Massage - Moroccan Head Massage

This very popular spa treatment begins with an invigorating full body scrub, then step into the Essence Bath for a relaxing soak, we offer champagne or herb tea along with a meze plate of tasty treats. This is followed by our beautiful Signature Therapeutic body massage, a Moroccan Head Massage completes this pamper session.

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Marrakesh   - 2hrs $235 (On Special for $225)

Full Back & Neck Massage - Foot exfoliation & heel refine - Mineral Foot soak - nail file and cuticle work with a Rose oil natural nail buff, Reflexology foot massage & Hydrating foot wrap - Germaine De Capuccini Facial - Moroccan Head and scalp Massage


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Kobi essence - 2hrs 30min $295

Essence Bath - Full Body Massage - Full Rejuvenating Facial - Foot Refine - Moroccan Head and scalp Massage

This divine spa beauty treatment begins with the Essence bath then float onto the table and receive your full body relaxation massage - your feet are refined then wrapped in heated towels as you are taken to the next level in relaxation, a full replenishing facial and hydration mask are folllowed by a beautiful Moroccan Head massage and Teak oil misting.

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ASMAR Ritual - 2hrs 30min $295

Back Scrub - Body Massage - Mukti Organic Facial - Kutu Massai Tribal Head and foot Ritual.

By far our most popular longer beauty spa treatment with your therapist's hands on for the full duration. Start with a spice exfoliation of the back followed by a therapeutic massage and replenishing Mukti Organic facial. Your feet are then massaged and wrapped in heated towels. Authentic Indian Amla Gooseberry seed oil is warmed and drizzled over your hair and scalp, relax as you receive a de-stressing head pressure point massage and hot towel Turban Cocoon wrap. - Absolute luxury - Total bliss!!

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Asante Day Spa has a number of Product and Ritual spa packages and specials currently available to our clients who live or are travelling to Coolum on the Sunshine Coast.

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