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St. Tropez

Spray Tans

Sunshine Coast Instant Spray tanning

St Tropez, the iconic world leader in sunless tanning, is sought by those who want the very best in UV-Free instant spray tans, and is offered exclusively to our clients. The results of this premium sunless spray tan solution gives a rich, natural golden sunkissed glow. St Tropez is a superior product rich in Aloe Vera. It soothes, hydrates and nourishes the skin without the worries of premature aging and skin cancer. Your beautiful St Tropez spray tan will dry in 5 minutes and last from 7-10 days with regular moisturising. 

Before your tanning session, we ask our clients to please prepare their skin by exfoliating, paying particular attention to dry skin areas like, elbows, knees and ankles. A light oil free moisturiser can be applied to these areas.

Please do not wear deoderant, make up or jewellery, and if you hair is long please tie it back.

Please bring or wear something dark in colour and comfortably loose to put on after your sunless tanning session (we will provide you with disposable underwear).

Your St Tropez sunless spray tans will take at least 4 hours to develop for Dark and Regular, St Tropez Express has a cure time of between 1-3 hras depending on the depth of colour you require. It is important that you do not get wet or sweat during this cure time. After your development time has elapsed you can shower the bronzer off, or if you prefer, you can sleep in it overnight and wash it off in the morning. Your spray tan colour will be at it's most intense in 8hrs.


Spray tan - $35  (regular weekly clients $25)

Body Exfoliation + Tan - $90


St Tropez tan - (Green Base)

Green base suitable for all skin types -

  • St Tropez Regular 4hr - good for lighter skins and simply beautiful for brides.
  • St Tropez Dark 4hr - for those who want a deeper richer Olive tan.
  • St Tropez Express 1-3hr - cure time depending on colour intensity required. Popular choice of all the tans.


MINETan - 100% Natural DHA

Is an Australian product using natural ingrediants leave on for 1-3 hrs depending on what level of tan depth you would prefer. 1hr light, 2hrs medium or 3 hrs dark. Vegan & cruelty free

  • MineTan Dark Ash - Super Dark - for those who want a beautiful deep brazilian coloured tan with a choc base.
  • MineTan Coconut - made with coconut water for hydrating the skin.
  • MineTan Coffee(New) contains coffee extract and hydrating coconut.
  • MineTan Caramel (New) - for a sun kissed natual tan.
  • MineTan Original  - green based for an Olive tan.



Ecocert DHA contains no nano particles, no parabens or SLS sulphates. Green & Brown base suitable for all skin types - gives you an olive look complexion - 1-2 hr cure time

  • Black Magic Argan 1 hr Rapid Dark 15% active - (Chocolate Base) 
  • Black Magic Vibe 2hr Rapid - (Violet Base) suits Olive complexion
  • Black Magic Dark 2hr 15% active - (Green Base) 
  • Black Magic Regular 2hr 10% active - (Green Base) 



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