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Our exclusive Asante mini pampering exotic rituals...

In all treatments where we perform the Massai Tribal Head Ritual, warmed Amla Oil will be drizzled over the hair and scalp to help condition and treat your hair. This devine authentic Indian oil is made from Gooseberry seed extract and is designed to be left in the hair for as long as possible. The Amla Oil can be left in your hair for several hours or days if you wish, and then washed out using mild shampoo. When you come in for your pamper treatment, please make sure that your hair is loose and not tied up in a tight hair style.

KUTU  - 60min $135

We combine the Massai Tribal Head Ritual with a beautiful revitalizing warm mineral foot soak using Earth Minerals - your feet are gently buffed and refined using exotic scrubs, then soothed with reflexology massage and a wrapped in a warm hydration foot wrap.

Drift away as your head is drizzled with warm authentic Amla Oil. your therapist will perform a relaxing head, neck, arm and shoulder massage with soothing rhythmic pressure point techniques. To infuse the oils, your head is then wrapped in a warm Turban. Sublime!

- Mineral Foot soak & refine
- Foot massage & hot towel hydrating Almond foot wrap mask
- Massai Tribal Head Ritual & hot towel Turban

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Buka Indulgence

BUKA INDULGENCE - 90min $210

Experience the Massai Tribal Head Ritual plus the added bonus of a relaxing full back, neck & shoulder massage, followed by a divine warm foot soak with Earth and Sea Minerals - your feet and heels are gently buffed and refined using exotic scrubs, then soothed with massage and a warm towel hydration wrap. Lay back and receive an authentic warm Indian Amla Oil Massai Head massage including pressure points and heated turban towel head wrap. Finish with a beautiful arm and hand massage and a mist of blackberry

- Therapeutic Massage of full back, neck & shoulders
- Foot soak & refine
- Foot massage & hot towel foot mask wrap
- Massai Tribal Head Ritual with warm Amla Oil drizzle and hot towel Turban.

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De-stressing & totally relaxing as well as conditioning for the hair. Receive a soothing, warmed, authentic Indian Amla aromatic oils from Gooseberry seed extract drizzled over and massaged into the head & scalp using relaxing pressure point techniques - includes neck & shoulders massage, and hand & forearm massage. Euphoric!

- Warm authentic Amla Oil drizzle and pressure point massage of the head and scalp
- Hot towel Turban infusion of Amla oils into the hair or conditioning
- Neck and shoulder massage
- Relaxing massage of the arms and hands

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Migu Sole - 45min $110

A beautiful relaxing treatment for just the feet - Enjoy!

- Relaxing Foot soak
- Heel refine and exfoliation with wild Thyme, Peppermint and Pumice granules
- Foot Reflexology massage and moisturising hot towel foot wrap

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