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Are your lashes too short? Are they too straight? Have you always wanted beautiful long, thick eyelashes - without having to continually apply mascara? Well now you can achieve that glamorous sexy Hollywood look by having a set of individual Lash Extensions applied (or try our lash lift treatment if extensions aren't for you).

Our eyelash extension specialist’s will attach single lightweight Silk Lash extension to each of your own individual lashes creating an incredibly thick lush effect. They come in several different lengths, curl shape and thickness so we can customise the look you want. With care your new lashes can last from 4-6 weeks.

You will love your lashes so much that you never want to be without them. Your natural lash cycle is around 4 weeks so of course your extensions will naturally grow out and fall off with your own lash.

The solution to keeping your eyelashes looking fabulous forever is to have infill top ups every few weeks so that your lashes will always look great. Word of warning! These lashes can become addictive!

Russian Volume 3D - 4D Silk Lash Extensions 

Introducing the new Hollywood look. A fan technique is used to create extra volume to lashes without the weight of excess bonding. These lashes are feather light, incredibly soft and will last a lot longer than conventional Classic Lash extensions. If you are a lash enthusiast you must try the gorgeous lashes!


  • Full set of RUSSIAN SILK VOLUME 3D- 4D Lashes - $155 
  • Infills of RUSSIAN SILK VOLUMNE 3D - 4D Lashes from - $80
  • Full set of Single CLASSIC SILK LASHES  -  $155  
  • Infills of Single CLASSIC SILK LASH from - $80



Don't want lash extensions - now you can have your own lashes lifted to enhance their natural look so they appear longer. This lash lift treatment takes approx 30-40 minutes with minimal after care required. Swim, shower & play with no fuss. Your eyelash lift can last 6-8 weeks, sometimes as long as 12 weeks.


  • LASH LIFT (includes tint) - $85

Please come to your appointment with no eye makeup on. After your lash lift treatment please keep your lashes dry and makeup free for 24hrs

Asante now stocks EyEnvy - a breakthrough formula that improves the length, volumne and thickness of both your eyelashes and eyebrows. Clinical studies have shown over 96% of users were excited to see an improved appearance of their eyelashes and eyebrows in only 4-6 weeks after eyelash lift treatments. 


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