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Become Brow Obsessed with HD Eyebrows

Your eyebrows are one of the most important features on your face, as they frame the eyes and are the tools for expression. A great HD brows shape will flatter your face and give an instant beauty lift to enhance your features and defy the aging process.

Our Asante Day Spa Sunshine Coast Brow Artist Elizabeth (Libby) DeVaux, has a passion for creating HD brows and will spend the time it takes to redesign and repair misshapen, uneven brows to create a new look for you. We offer a diverse range of eye brow services including cosmetic semi-permanent microblading feather tattoo eyebrows. This eyebrow feathering technique will give you a beautiful natural brow using fine hairstrokes to correct your shape and fill in gaps where there is little to no brow left.

Eyebrows are very individual and great eyebrow shape with perfect arches will flatter your overall look. The correct eyebrow shape can produce an instant eyelift, while a poorly shaped brow can darken and obscure the eyes creating an unwanted expression. Sometimes due to over-plucking or the natural ageing process, we end up with a thin uneven brow shape. 

Specialist Brow Services:


HD - High Defenition Precision Brows - from $75

Our specialist will consult with you and explain how we can transform your brow by using shaping tecniques and colour.

  • Consultation, Design & Shape, trim, wax & custom Belmacil colour

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Henna hD Precision Brows - $100

  • Consultation, Design & shape, trim, tweeze & wax,
  • apply 2 coats of Henna Colour
  • Mineral make up dusting

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HD Precision Eyebrows + Tint & Lash Tint - $90

  • Consultation, new High Definition shape design -
  • Brow correction repair and trim with custom colour 
  • lash tint.
  • Finish with a light mineral make up dusting that will give you flawless brows.

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HD brows & belmacil tint  + Lash Lift & Tint - $155

HD Henna Brows + lash lift & tint - $170

  • Lash Lift and lash tint
  • HD brows and custom colour or Henna Colour

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Facial Waxing and Tinting Service

(See below for pricing)

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Facial Waxing and tinting 

  • HD Precision Brows + Brow Colour Tint - $75 (measure/design/trim/tweeze/wax/colourTint)
  • HD Precision Brows  HENNA colour -$85 (measure/design/trim/tweeze/wax/HENNA custom colour)
  • HD Precision Brows + Brow Colour Tint + Lash Tint - $85
  • HD Brow Tidy - from $50 (wax/trim/tweeze)
  • HD Brow Tidy & Tint - $70 (wax/trim/tweeze/browTint)
  • HD Brow Tidy + Lash Tint - $70
  • HD Brow Tidy + Lip Wax or lipSugar - $65 (wax/trim/tweeze)
  • HD Brow Tidy + Tint + Lip Wax or Sugar - $70 (wax/trim/tweeze /browTint)
  • HD Brow Tidy + Lash Tint - $75 (wax/trim/tweeze +Lash tint)
  • Lash Tint - $30           
  • Brow Custom Tint - $40
  • Lash + BrowTint - $60
  • LASH LIFT (includes Lash colour) - $95 - allow 45min
  • Lip Wax or Lip Sugar - $25                     
  • Lip + Chin Wax or Sugar - $30                   
  • Lip + Nasal - $25
  • Sides of face + lip + Chin Wax or Sugar - $65

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