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Our exclusive exotic mini rituals...


  • BUKA INDULGENCE - 90min $185

Experience the Massai Tribal Head Ritual plus the added bonus of a relaxing full back, neck & shoulder massage, followed by a divine warm foot soak with Earth and Sea Minerals - your feet and heels are gently buffed and refined using exotic scrubs, then soothed with massage and a warm towel hydration wrap. Lay back and receive an authentic warm Indian Amla Oil Massai Head massage including pressure points and heated turban towel head wrap. Finish with a beautiful arm and hand massage and a mist of blackberry

  • - Massage of full back, neck & shoulders
  • - Foot soak & refine
  • - Hot towel foot mask
  • - Massai Tribal Head Ritual with warm Amla Oil drizzle and hot towel Turban.


  • KUTU  - 60min $125

Foot soak & wrap - combined with the Massai Tribal Head Ritual. Revitalizing warm foot soak with Earth Minerals - your feet are gently buffed and refined using exotic scrubs, then soothed with reflexology massage and a wrapped in a warm hydration foot wrap. Drift away as your head is drizzled with warm authentic Amla Oil. your therapist will perform a relaxing head, neck, arm and shoulder massage with soothing rythmic pressure point techniques. To infuse the oils, your head is then wrapped in a warm Turban. Sublime!

  • - Mineral Foot soak & refine
  • - Hot towel hydrating Almond foot wrap mask
  • - Massai Tribal Head Ritual & hot towel Turban


  • MASSAI TRIBAL HEAD - 45min $95

De-stressing & totally relaxing as well as conditioning for the hair. Receive a soothing, warmed, authentic Indian Amla aromatic oils from Gooseberry seed extract are drizzled over and massaged into the head & scalp using relaxing pressure point techniques - includes neck & shoulders, hand & forearm massage. Euphoric!

  • - Warm authentic Amla Oil drizzle and pressure point massage of the head and scalp
  • - Hot towel Turban infusion of Amla oils into the hair or conditioning
  • - Neck and shoulder massage
  • - Relaxing Massage of the arms and hands

Migu Sole - 30min $75

A beautiful relaxing treatment for just the feet - Enjoy!

  • - Relaxing Foot soak
  • - Heel refine and exfoliation with wild Thyme, Peppermint and Pumice granules
  • - Foot massage and moisturising hot towel foot wrap

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